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Routine Toyota Maintenance from Hartman Automotive in Littleton, CO

We are a trusted, local technician for routine Toyota Maintenance in Littleton, CO

Toyota’s cars, trucks and SUV’s are known for their reliability and safety — that’s probably why you’re a proud Toyota owner! But, even a Toyota cannot operate at peak performance without following basic factory schedule maintenance every 30k, 60k and 100k miles.

So, do you know the last time your vehicle had factory schedule maintenance?
At Hartman Automotive, we know you love your Toyota for its industry-leading reliability, and we can help you keep your vehicle running well for longer by keep following routine maintenance like replacing fluids, regularly inspecting wear on smaller components or even replacing major components over time.

Our technicians are trained to provide you with timely and efficient service, and we promise to get your routine Toyota maintenance done right the first time, every time. Book your service appointment today!

What Does Routine Toyota Maintenance Include?

For peak performance and reliability, routine maintenance on you Toyota vehicle should be scheduled every 6-12 months. Outside of these regular checkups, the major factory-recommended services for your Toyota occur every 30,000 miles (2, 5 and 10 years). Here’s what you can expect at each milestone:

30,000 miles (2 years). Change the engine air filter, replace the cabin air filter, oil change, tire rotation and brake fluid flush

60,000 miles (5 years). 30k mile maintenance plus a transmission fluid flush

100,000 miles (10 years). Same as the 30k and 60k maintenance plus replacement of major and minor components like spark plugs, water pump and timing belt

Why is Factory Recommended Maintenance Important?

Toyota is recognized as as one of the most reliable manufacturers of cars, trucks and SUVs around the globe, but even the most reliable vehicles are made of components that are worked hard each day and will wear over time. If you neglect this maintenance, your components will stop performing at their best, forcing other components of in the engine car to be overworked.

What does that mean for your Toyota?
When smaller components are not checked regularly, larger and more expensive engine parts are more likely to stop working. This means you may have to foot the bill for a more expensive repair job down the line.

By following factory-recommended routine maintenance on your Toyota, you’re ensuring that you have a safer and more reliable vehicle with fewer, less expensive repairs.

Schedule an Service Appointment Today!

Are you at a major maintenance milestone for your Toyota? Hartman Automotive’s technicians are trained to manage your routine Toyota maintenance schedule and provide timely, dependable repair services for the life of your car. Schedule an appointment with our local garage  in Littleton, CO today!

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